Classic Lashes at Our Facility

Discover the timeless elegance of Classic Lashes, the perfect choice for those seeking a natural yet enhanced lash look. Our Classic Lash extensions are expertly applied using the 1 to 1 technique, where each extension is delicately attached to a single natural lash. This method, also known as 1:1, is ideal for adding length and volume while maintaining a beautifully natural appearance.

The Art of Classic Lashes

Classic Lashes involve meticulously attaching one lash extension to one natural lash. This technique is perfect for clients who are blessed with a good number of natural lashes but desire extra length and a subtle volume boost, much like a natural mascara effect.

Tailored for a Natural Look

Our Classic Lashes are tailored to suit your individual style and eye shape, ensuring a look that enhances your natural beauty. They are perfect for those who want to wake up every morning with effortlessly beautiful lashes, eliminating the need for daily mascara application.

Ideal for Lash Enhancement

Classic Lashes are especially suited for clients who already possess a decent amount of natural lashes but are looking to add more length. They provide a noticeable enhancement, giving you the appearance of fuller, longer lashes while remaining undeniably natural.

Why Choose Classic Lashes?

  • Natural Enhancement: Adds length and volume in the most natural way possible, perfect for everyday wear.
  • Customized to Your Lashes: Each set is tailored to complement your natural lash line and eye shape.
  • Expert Application: Our skilled lash artists ensure precise and safe application for long-lasting results.
  • Time-Saving Beauty Routine: Wake up with beautiful lashes every day, with no need for mascara or curlers.
  • Comfortable and Lightweight: Classic Lashes feel light and comfortable, allowing for normal lash movement and easy maintenance.

Embrace the natural beauty of your lashes enhanced with our Classic Lash extensions. Experience the joy of a flawless, mascara-free look, perfect for any occasion.

Book your appointment today and enjoy the simple elegance that Classic Lashes bring to your everyday beauty routine.

Important: Patch Test for Lash Treatments

Before your first lash treatment, it’s crucial to schedule a patch test at least 48 to 24 hours in advance. This simple but essential step helps ensure your safety and comfort by checking for any potential allergic reactions to the lash glue or materials used. The patch test is quick and an important precaution to guarantee the best and most enjoyable lash experience possible.

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