This chemical enzyme peel with AHA acids and stabilised papain enzyme removes dead skin cells, helps eliminate hyperkeratosis, reduces the signs of hyperpigmentation and helps correct acne scarring and the signs of photo- and chronological ageing.

RESULT: improved skin tone, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, radiant, younger-looking skin.

Even out your skin tone, reduce signs of hyperpigmentation, visibly smooth the skin surface and reduce irregular texture (e.g. scars caused by acne).

SKIN TYPE: all skin types, except sensitive skin

SKIN CONDITION: pronounced pigmentation irregularities, loss of tone, pronounced wrinkles and dry lines, tired-looking skin

  • for a more even skin texture, and a more even, radiant complexion
  • reduces signs of hyperpigmentation
  • corrects post-acne scarring
  • restores the skin's natural freshness and rosiness
  • removes dead epidermal cells
  • reduces signs of photo- and chronological ageing
  • leaves the skin soft and smooth
  • creates radiant skin

6 sessions 1-2 weeks apart for optimal rejuvenation. 

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