Halina Jot

Halina Jot

From the tender age of 16, beauty and aesthetics have been my calling and my joy. My journey began with the fundamentals at my first beauty college, and now, 14 years later, I stand proud as an aesthetic practitioner, enriched by holistic values and a deep understanding of the nuanced needs of skin care and beauty.

My career has been a path of growth and evolution, transitioning from a beauty therapist to a specialist in autologous aesthetics, a field I hold dear to my heart. My specialization in hair loss prevention, biofillers, and the intricate art of lash styling is driven by a passion to enhance natural beauty, ensuring each client feels their absolute best.

The spa facials I offer are more than just treatments; they are experiences tailored with the latest skincare advice to rejuvenate both skin and spirit. My approach to lip fillers, like all my services, is guided by the principle that 'natural is key.' I believe in enhancing beauty, not overwriting it.

As I continue to embrace and share the latest advancements in aesthetics, I remain committed to my core belief: authentic beauty is about harmony between the inner self and outward appearance. It is this balance that I strive to achieve for each of my clients, ensuring they leave not just looking beautiful, but feeling beautifully empowered.

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