Paulina Starosta

Paulina Starosta

Welcome to my world of beauty and care, where every detail matters. I’m Paulina, devoted to enhancing your natural beauty through the art of lashes, brows, and nail care. Beauty, for me, is an expression of individuality, and I find joy in bringing that to life for each of my clients.

My journey with lash lifts has been one of passion and precision. Transforming lashes is not just about the lift; it’s about highlighting the natural beauty of your eyes, giving them a subtle yet impactful enhancement.

In the realm of nails, my approach with BIAB manicures is all about combining durability with elegance. I take pride in crafting nails that are not just a statement of beauty but also a testament to quality.

I am always exploring new techniques and discovering the secrets of skin health, striving to offer you the most effective and innovative treatments.

Embarking on my path as an independent beauty professional and establishing 'Nails & Beauty by Paulina' has been a dream realized. It’s a space where my artistic vision and commitment to quality come alive, offering a personalized and caring experience to all who visit.

Joining forces with SKIN AESTHETIC is a thrilling new chapter in my journey. Working alongside some of the finest professionals in the industry, I am thrilled to be part of a team that values excellence and collaboration in delivering unparalleled beauty experiences.

For me, beauty is about balance and harmony, blending artistry with personalized attention. Each session is a step towards revealing your most radiant self, in an environment that is as welcoming as it is professional.

From perfecting your lashes and brows to beautifying your nails, I am here to ensure that your experience is as fulfilling as the outcome. I am excited to welcome you and begin this beautiful journey together.

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