Marzena Borowska

Marzena Borowska

Hello, I'm Marzena Borowska , a dedicated professional deeply rooted in the art of nail and lash care. With years of experience behind me, I've developed a keen eye for detail and a skill set that caters to the intricate needs of nail and lash aesthetics.

My journey in this field has been filled with continuous learning and growth, particularly as I delve into the specialized world of medical podology. It's a fascinating area where beauty meets health, and I am passionate about making a difference. Whether it's saving an ingrown toenail from removal via applying nail braces or advanced pedicure, my approach combines precision with care.

In the realm of nail care, I am known for my expertise in gel sculpture nails. The art of sculpting perfect nails is not just about aesthetics; it's about understanding and respecting the natural structure of the nail, ensuring both beauty and health are in harmony.

I am also the proud founder of GLAM LASH & MANI, a venture that embodies my passion and commitment to the beauty industry. Through GLAM LASH & MANI, I offer a range of exquisite lash and manicure and medical grade pedicure services, bringing the latest trends and techniques to my clients.

The upcoming launch of my nail training program is an exciting step forward. I am eager to share my knowledge and experience with aspiring professionals, guiding them to excel in this dynamic and rewarding field.

In every service I offer, from lash enhancements to advanced podology treatments, my goal is always to provide the highest quality of care. I believe in the power of personal touch and the importance of tailored solutions. Each client’s need is unique, and addressing them with precision and expertise is what I do best.

I am thrilled to be part of the SKIN AESTHETIC team, working alongside some of the most talented professionals in the industry. Together, we're committed to offering an exceptional range of beauty and wellness services, elevating the standards of care and customer satisfaction.

Your trust in my hands is my highest priority, and I look forward to offering you the best in nail and lash care, combined with the innovative treatments of medical podology.

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